30 Days of Reiki

It always surprises me how quickly time goes by. Over a year has passed since I started practicing Reiki in Thailand. If you haven’t heard of this practice, Reiki is a Japanese therapy practice that works with the energetic fields of the body to stimulate deep relaxation and healing.

Since I received my Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki certifications at Orion, I’ve performed dozens of therapy sessions for people while traveling through different countries. Learning Reiki begins with learning to do it on yourself before practicing on others. I’ve done self-healing often, but never consistently. At most I would occasionally perform self-healing therapy once a week.

A few months have gone by since Remote Year ended and I’ve returned home to the U.S. Virgin Islands for a while. The last few months of 2017 were chaotic due to hurricanes Irma and Mariah that devastated the Virgin Islands back in September.

Moving into the New Year, I wanted to let go of old, stagnant energy. My goal was to shift my focus back to being centered and balanced as I moved forward. I thought about different ways I could do that, and I decided to start the year with a dedication to my Reiki practice.

I performed 30 consecutive days of self-healing to help realign my energy. Each day of my practice brought a different experience. As I passed my hands from my head to my feet, sensing which areas of the body needed the most attention, the point of focus for the healing energy changed from day to day.

This was noticeable because of the increased amount of heat that I felt in different areas of my body during the daily sessions. On most days the strongest sensations occurred while working on my heart and solar plexus chakras.

Each time I managed to untangle and clear energetic blocks throughout my body, I would feel a rush of energy fluctuating through me. The days towards the end of my practice were especially unique.

By day 25 of my practice, I experienced consistent throbbing and tingling sensations in the center of my eyebrows. This feeling is considered a strong indication of third eye activation. From day 27 to the end of the month, I felt high and extremely euphoric.

During those last few days as I went about my daily routine, I experienced moments where I could see energy patterns whenever I relaxed my gaze. This experience isn’t new to me, but I usually require a long period of fasting and meditation to glimpse these energy patterns for a short time.

My body felt lighter and more energized. I felt much more peaceful and unbothered by the trivial issues that irritated me over the past few months. Overall, the month-long dedication was a transformative experience. It helped me to realign my chakras and regain conscious awareness of multidimensional energies.

I encourage any new Reiki practitioners to find out what 30 straight days of Reiki can do for you. To those that are unfamiliar with Reiki, try it out for yourselves. You’ll be surprised at how good you feel at the end of the session.


  1. Hey mr conscious drifter, this is a wonderful piece. Please keep up the practice, and please,please,please keep pushing forward to get out in the world doing what your passionate about. You are a wonderful guy with a gift that needs sharing with the world.

    You certainly have a flare for writing, I look forward to your next blog post 😀
    🙂 x

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