Full Circle

jumping salt flats

Once again I returned to this wonderful country, Argentina. We spent the last two months of the journey in Cordoba and Buenos Aires. Argentina is a special country to me.  It’s the only place on our year-long adventure that I’ve already visited. This country is the place where my love for travel began.

Back in 2015 when I just started to think about travel a couple of my friends came up with the idea that we should go somewhere completely foreign to us, and the suggestion made was Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina. When we came, I was in awe of the entire culture. I loved the incredible yet affordable wine. I enjoyed the culture of afternoon siestas, having dinner after 11 pm, and going to the club even later.

Then, in the morning nothing happens anywhere until after 9 am. While my friends and I sat in a square in San Thelmo watching the tango dancers, I thought to myself I could really get used to this. Now two years later I’ve returned to this beautiful country with an entirely new group of friends. It felt like everything came full circle because the hotel my group stayed in is the same hotel I stayed in with my friends my first time here.

tango in Buenos AiresCordoba was beautiful. We shared lunches and dinners with an array of different locals. Many of them took the time to properly educate us on the proper way to prepare and drink mate. Buenos Aires was our last month together. We took Tango lessons, saw incredible shows like Fuerza Bruta, rode go-karts and had nightly rooftop parties. I saw another side of Argentina and love it even more now than I did when I left the first time. I was vegan during my initial visit and Argentina has always been known for their meat and wine.

I couldn’t find any vegan restaurants at that time, but during this trip, the vegan movement has spread so far that there aren’t just restaurants, but there are even vegan communities throughout the country. I’m sure now that I’ll have to continue to come back to this beautiful place and I look forward to finding out what new changes I’ll experience for my next visit.

salt flat sunset

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