Know Thyself

Most people who have heard the phrase “know thyself” hardly pause to give much contemplation to its meaning. The path to grasping the depth of this statement is unending and can take a person on multidimensional journeys of self-awareness and exploration, but where does one begin?

There is undoubtedly a massive growth of consciousness happening on the planet, but there are still millions that are so caught up with the world around them that they haven’t taken the time to look within.
That is what it means to know thyself. To stop relying on the outward stimuli of the world and tap into the sense of knowing that lies within. In order to do this, it is necessary to realize that in any given situation, you are the one that gives meaning to whatever is happening around you. Your thoughts about the situation and the way you feel determine how you respond to the stimuli. Most people often go from one situation to the next in a pattern of reactions based on a long chain of circumstances. The result is often an incredible ongoing roller coaster of emotions that, for the average person, has become what they call life. It never dawns on them that it is possible to get off of the roller coaster.

The very first step to knowing thyself is experiencing the realization that situations and events do not dictate the way you interact with them. It is your own definitions, beliefs, expectations and perspective regarding these situations that are used to choose how you interact with them. Once this has been realized it is then possible for you to experience a situation that could be perceived as stressful or upsetting and while you are in that moment, redefine your definitions and perspective of that situation.
This is where you begin to realize your power, your ability to redefine your experience and actively, consciously shape your reality. Without this realization, that stressful situation would most likely have a limited range of reactionary outcomes. With this realization, you are able to reflect on how you experience the situation and choose how you want to respond creating any number of potentially new interactions. This isn’t a simple process, it requires a desire to honestly analyze and examine your thoughts and feelings. Through continuous practice, you will learn to master your emotions and use them to your advantage. You will also learn how to control your thoughts and begin quieting the mind. From there, the journey of self-discovery has only just begun, but the transformation that this new way of living will have on your life will be so powerful and wonderful that you won’t want to return to what was.