Learning Reiki

The greatest experience I had in Thailand was definitely my time spent becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner. I made the decision to take the Level 1 and Level 2 courses at Orion Healing Center after having an incredibly healing and energetically activating Reiki session from my new friend Nancy at the Center. For the few short days of my Reiki training after receiving my initiation into the practice, I spent my days to follow on an energetic high that often left me mesmerized at everything around me. It was nothing like what I expected.

In my mind, I was confident that to learn something so pure and efficient, I would have to at least spend two solid weeks learning some sort of hidden secrets and engaged in deep practice, but that wasn’t the case at all. The greatest and most beautiful thing about this method is that it reminds you that well-being is your birthright.  That energy and vibration are your nature, and you are always connected on some level to healing source energy. My training and practice with Reiki began immediately after my initiation from my teacher that simply realigned my chakra centers to allow healing energy to flow through my body more efficiently.


The length of my training only lasted four days before I was able to practice freely but in those four days I felt major energetic shifts throughout my body, and those changes continued to happen for almost an entire month after my initiation. I am honored to have taken up this practice, and like all other practices, I intend to get better and more connected with Reiki as I get deeper into it.