Living in Abundance

Learning how to figure out and create the lifestyle that I want has brought out a lot of humbling experiences. Right now I’d have to say the most humbling lesson is understanding what it means to live in abundance.

The concept of abundant living is one of the ideas I’ve received from my spiritual mentors over the past few years. One of my mentors simply defines abundance as “the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it, period.”

He goes on to clarify that nothing about that definition mentions anything about money, neither does it say anything about the specifics about how that abundance has to manifest. I’ve heard this lesson so many times, long before I decided to start traveling and thought I understood it perfectly.

I practiced the law of attraction, opening up myself to abundance and manifestation while focusing on creating more of the experiences that I enjoy. I followed the flow of synchronicity as events continued to align in favor of my desires. At this point, I thought I was becoming a master.

This practice is what lead me to Remote Year, and it’s how I’m still able to be on the program seven months later, but I still have a lot to learn. I realized that up until now it was easy for me to follow these lessons. In the beginning, I was so unsatisfied with how things were that I was willing to try anything to change my life.

It may have seemed irrational to everyone I knew, but selling my car and being willing to burn through all of my small savings until I figured out how to be a digital nomad was exactly what I wanted.

Of course, the first few months were magic. I deepened my spiritual practices, made friends that I feel like I’ve known for lifetimes and traveled through countries that I’d never even thought about visiting. All the while still flowing with abundance because everything was either as I expected or even better than I pictured in my mind.

However, the reality started to fall out of line with my ego. Three months into the trip my “contingency plan” to finance the rest of my trip in the form of a poor stock investment fell apart. I realized my funds were running out with no safety net available and I hadn’t even started job hunting yet.

To make matters worse, I got sick in Cambodia and had to pay a very expensive hospital bill because I didn’t bother to get traveler’s insurance (not one of my finer moments). That was another humbling experience strictly for my ultra-healthy vegan ego.

With all this chaos it became a lot harder to maintain my meditation and manifestation practices. I was getting so wrapped up in the situation that I stopped being open to other potential possibilities. All of a sudden I felt like I had to get a job fast and find any way to generate income.

I spent a month searching and applying for any remote jobs.  This put me on an almost immediate downward spiral of depression. I didn’t quit a job I hated just to start doing something else I didn’t care about. I wanted to do something that I’m truly passionate about, something with purpose. I just wasn’t sure what that was.

By this time it was Christmas, and even though I was around people I cherished, I was still mentally wrapped up in my problems. As I looked around the room and watched everyone enjoying our time together, I started remembering the lessons from my mentors about not letting circumstances define your mood and how being happy is a choice, regardless of your situation.

I pulled myself together and decided to trust in everything I’d learned so far. I put a pause on applying for jobs and doing things that put me in a negative space like stressing about the how things will work out.

I returned to doing the things that just felt right like meditation, working out, and exploring my new surroundings. I continued to enjoy every day with my fellow remotes and appreciating every new experience, no longer wondering about when or how it would end.

After a while, I felt genuinely at peace about the entire situation. I became perfectly comfortable and secure in the unknown of what would be. I’ve started looking for work again, but this time I’m seeking opportunities that are in line with my spiritual growth.

Everyone that I’m traveling with is aware of the situation and ask me what I’m going to do about it. I can only offer up vague responses. I’m not sure how to explain that I have no income and no backup plan but everything is fine.  Getting to that point of acceptance was a challenge for me.

We are in Mexico now, and I have no idea how much longer I’ll stay with the group, but the fact is my desire is to travel the world period. Remote Year was simply the push that I needed to start something new, and I intend to continue traveling long after the program ends.

Coming to this understanding has allowed me to accept that this is where I am right now. I haven’t figured everything out like I thought I would, but that’s okay. Living abundantly doesn’t mean that I have to be incredibly wealthy. I don’t have to have a large bank account to travel.

Once I can simply do what I need to do when I need to do it, that’s all that really matters. So for the time being, I’m still here. I’m living in the moment and enjoying all the new experiences this nomad life brings, making it work while being uncomfortable in the uncertainty that lies ahead.