Seeking Spirit

I am not a guru or any other relative term you can think of that exist within the spiritual community. Well, at least not yet. I’m just another person here on Earth that is actively seeking higher understanding and a sense of knowing as I move through life.

I have been on this path for a while now. In some ways, I feel like I’ve been on it all my life. In my youth, I never really agreed with the status quo, and I’ve never been highly motivated or interested in things that fit the societal norms. Everything around me has just always felt slightly off. Ever since junior high, I always felt there had to be more to life than spending half of your life behind a desk learning and the other half behind a desk working.

Going to church as a child was often more bothersome than I’d dare admit to my family. I was raised Christian, but every question I ever had that seemed the least bit controversial was responded to with things like “walk by faith and not by sight” or “trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.” While there may be some hidden truth within those phrases, that couldn’t hide the obvious fact that they didn’t have any real answers for me.

Ultimately I let go of my attachment to the Christian title when I realized Jesus preached love, not Christianity and most Christians praise his life and sacrifice but hardly any try to live as he did. Instead, I chose to begin seeking a personal connection with God, source, the creator or whatever other potential terms for myself. A connection not defined or limited by religious definitions or the opinions of the masses, a simple relationship solely between God and me.

This path leads me to explore ideas that aren’t yet considered mainstream like ideas about the nature of our universe involving energy, frequency, vibration. Concepts involving sacred geometry, chakra systems and astral projection and lucid dreaming. Some of these ideas have been part of the reasons why I’ve changed my diet, reduced my alcohol consumption and made other lifestyle changes.  Now as I travel with my fellow remotes and continue to seek new growth and understanding I look forward to expanding my knowing of spirit.

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