The Vortex of Koh Phangan

I have spent a little over the last month completely lost in the magic of a small island off the coast of Thailand called Koh Phangan. The rest of the known world completely faded away as I was immersed in all manners of healing and rejuvenation practices. From sleeping the days away in every hammock I could find to deepening my yoga practice to receiving theta wave healing and Reiki healing sessions, as well as becoming a certified Reiki practitioner, I can firmly say that I’ve taken full advantage of my time in that mystical place.


I even found time to get my scuba diving certification and the greatest moment of all, finally learning how to ride a bicycle. Yup, after 28 long years of life I have finally added that skill to the short list of things I am actually capable of. To call it an adventure just doesn’t seem to do it justice. With all these experiences came the opportunity to meet many beautiful people. The expat community moving through Thailand is so large, even on the little island of Koh Phangan. I met people from Ireland, London, Columbia, Vietnam, Bulgaria.


Out of a group of about 70 people, everyone had experiences that forced them to take a pause and do some introspection in one way or another.  Most ended up in a variety of scooter accidents,  some got attacked by street dogs, a couple even caught dengue fever. For the few of us that were more “open” to the demands of the island a lot of meditation, yoga and detoxification took place. By the end of the month, a few members came to the realization that the Remote Year program wasn’t for them and decided to leave. I will miss them dearly, in the short time that I’ve been traveling with this crew I’ve already come to accept them as family and though we won’t be together for long, these bonds definitely won’t break merely by distance.



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