Why I joined Remote Year

Take a good look at the guy in the photo. There is no mistaking the misery on my face. We’ve all had our bad days, don’t judge me! This was months before I had even ever heard about Remote Year. I was working a job I didn’t feel any type of enthusiasm for simply for the same reasons most people do. It’s not as if I made much money, but it paid the bills, put food on the table, you’ve heard it all before. The longer I stayed there, the more constricted I felt and the more I found myself burning through every ounce of vacation time I earned so I could run away only to be more miserable and depressed the very day that I had to return. On top of that I still lived at my parent’s house and every attempt I made seeking other employment failed. Day in and day out the job only seemed to get worse, and I had no motivation other than thinking about where my next plane ticket would lead to. Then somehow all my random fantasizing culminated into a single suggested post on Facebook.

“Work and Travel for a year with 75 interesting people”. I was sold instantly! Almost anything would have been better at that point than continuing in my cycle of frustration, but this particular post called to me. That very idea was literally the only thing that mattered to me at the time. Seeing countries I’ve never seen with people that are equally willing to open themselves up to the world, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity. It was a huge risk for me to walk away from the known and jump head first into the unknown, but even with all the uncertainty hanging in the air ever since the day I quit my job, I can honestly say that I am the happiest that I’ve ever been. All that’s left is to see where that joy leads me on this journey.