Year End

Remote Year Passport Holder

This passport cover means more to me than I could ever manage to put into words. It represents the 12 months of challenges, growth and incredible experiences I’ve shared with my new family.  When I took that leap of faith and flew to Malaysia to start this adventure I had no idea what to expect really. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to handle meeting 70 new people. Now that the journey has ended I’m happy to be able to call all these people my family in the truest sense of the word.

Remote Year offers lots of benefits for the program experience like connecting people with local professionals in each country, but the best part is having the type of bond with the people you’ve traveled with all year long. I’ve literally jumped off cliffs with them, hiked through mountain trails with them, and surfed icy waters with them. On a deeper level, we’ve opened up our hearts to one another in a way that’s sadly uncommon in most of the world today.

Over the year we comforted each other when there were deaths in the family. We’ve invited blood relatives to come and join in on our adventures, and we’ve expressed our deepest appreciation for one another without shame. Within the group, there were even a few people that I felt I’d known for lifetimes. It was incredible to see that people can come together from all parts of the globe and connect so deeply in such a short space of time.

Everyone that I’ve traveled with has now left a strong imprint on me, and I’ll continue to take them with me wherever I go. After being gone for a year, I’m returning home to the Caribbean for a while, but the journey isn’t over. I hope to continue meeting new people and experiencing deep connections wherever my path leads me.

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